Its Not

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Its not being desparate

But to do more beyond the limits.

Its not about the presence, but please it is more worth than absence.

Its not about timing

But knowing the priorities

You’re full of ideas

But flunk in weighing its precedence



Design of the Picture Book

beekle_coverby Dan Santat

published 2014 by Little, Brown (release date is tomorrow, April 8th. I’d recommend lining up outside your local bookstore as soon as possible. You want this book.)

Sometimes, you can tell that a story is going to squeeze its way into your soul.

I got those story-goosebumps when I saw this trailer recently. Hat tip to Mr. Schu and Margie Myers-Culver probably. Or maybe Mr. Santat himself. But:

breakerMaybe sobbed is a more appropriate word choice than saw, because that’s what I did. It was all I could do. But some things you see with your eyes, and some things you see with your heart alone.

I saw Beekle.

This is Dan Santat’s first offering as an author in a decade, though he has illustrated about a trillion books in the meantime. His work is inviting and bold and gripping and nuanced and so clearly Santat…

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credit to Oliver Gerado


credit to Oliver Gerado


credit to Oliver Gerado


credit to Oliver Gerado


credit to Oliver Gerado


From the left Mr. Oliver Gerado, Mr. Chester Chan and Miss. Fermelita Bago


We got a   from our Zamboanga Community 

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After the sad experience, the city of Zamboanga continues to live and stand back. The quote “Let’s build back better Zamboanga” has been known to the citizen of Zamboanga.

The students of the institution of Southern City Colleges host an event for the students who are passionate and willing to volunteer and be part of the Mozilla team under the SCC Firefox Club. On January 15, 2014 the Firefox student ambassador (FSA) of southern city colleges conducted an orientation for the re-launching of the former Mozilla Student Representative Program to Firefox student Ambassador with the assistance of the Philippine Society of Information Technology Students also known as PSITS for making the event successful.

let  As the program flow started the first speaker gave a query to the attendees to name at least five (5) products of Mozilla and will be given a prize. And a lucky a student from the Department of Computer Studies a Fourth year student got the prize. The FSA of Southern City Colleges Fermelita ‘’Letlet’’ D. Bago talked about the Firefox Student Ambassador and the Firefox Club. The students are very eager to be part of the team and attentively listen to the speaker.

kenzThe said event not only holds an orientation but also to conduct localization (L10n) for Chavacano lead by the Firefox Student Ambassador Leoh Kenny ‘’kenz’’ M. Manuel. To motivate more the students to localize the FSA’s added some twist; who will be the person got the highest number will won a Color Black Mozilla Firefox Shirt.


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I cried Again

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I love you

But It hurts Knowing that you love me too

But you allow this **** to happen

And I hate you for that.

If ever someone would ask me

who is the person I hated most

It was you!

Forgive me to say this

I don’t deserve to be like this

and you don’t deserve

My love and respect.

Jeep Ride

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1 2 3 and I stop

suddenly stare, and our eyes met.

It was a lonely day for me

But you light it up

You said Hi! and there we Start

Chatting, talking,

Laughing, texting

Everyday was so exciting.

Greet me a Good Morning

Even Wish me Luck

But though days past

we keep

Chatting, talking, laughing , texting

we still don’t see each other

And Unexpectedly

1 2 3

I had a Break thru

Jeep Ride.

Thingking of You

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MeRains reminds me of you

When it rain I misses you

the time that we are two … .

                       But like the rain has it end

                      But I am willing to wait till the next drop