I feel Okay

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We always meet when I am Lonely

and I know why I feel Okay when I’m with you


SCC 1st FSA Meetup

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Due to the Zamboanga City Siege the events of Scc firefox club had been postponed.

Finding a time to bond again and talk regarding with the projects that has been suspended is very hard because of the strict schedule of the FSA’s.

Luckily on December 4, 2013 we have a huge time to talk. We rescheduled the Firefox Club and FSA Orientation and planning to have another Moztour (Campus tour). The target school is the Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College where in this coming February, next year the Scc Firefox Club have been invited to their ICT week.

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Introducing the WP Photos App for Firefox OS

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What is Firefox OS?

Created by Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox web browser, Firefox OS is an operating system that debuted earlier this year and powers smartphones in thirteen countries across Europe, Latin America, and South America — and more to come. Firefox OS is similar to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, but one notable thing setting it apart is its reliance on Open Web Standards instead of proprietary technologies.

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WP Photos is currently featured in the Firefox Marketplace. If you…

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Mozilla booth in STI

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Oliver arranging the Mozilla swags …. and Mr.Chan as always handing the psp XD


Mozilla booth at STI

its oliver and chester my to companion also a Mozilla student repz

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I made this poem when I was in fourth-year in high school for my Best friend. hope you like


Ang buhay napakasaya

Pagkaibigan kasama

Ang lungkot ko’y nawawala

Dahil sa asar mo’t kwela


Akala Ko’y Habang-buhay

ika’y aking akay-akay

Di pala ganun kadali

Pasarap saya palagi


Nasaan ka na ba matalik kong kaibigan

Hinanap kita mapasaan dito sa mundo

Pero ni libag mo’y wala akong nakita

Galit ka ba kaya di ka nagpapakita?


Naalala ang maga araw na ika’y kasama

Naglalaro palagi kasama ang iba pa

Pero tayo ang palaging na nanalo

Paglarong Piks at holen ang nilalaro


Kahit bahay-bahayan ay pinatulan

Ako ang ina at ikaw ang ama

Na may anak at may Tindahang

Punung-puno ng paninda


Pangarap mo ay maging Piloto

Na ikaw ang magpapalipad ng eroplano

At ako’y maging Stewardess

Para alalayan ang pasahero mo


Paano na ang pangarap na binuo

Paano na ang buhay kong di na buo

Ang buhay ko’g naging kulang dahil sayo

Kaibigang tunay ng iisa sa PUSO ko.


Good luck to you my friend

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                     On this day one of my classmate get married. She’s one of my closest friend in school. Last night one of my friend confirm it that what i heard about her is true. I was shock when i got the news, I’m not contented of what they’ve said so I log-in to my Facebook account this morning and it is really true.

                    She said that hoping we can make it on her wedding day (On That Day).. Surprise I did make it but I’m not prepared, so from school attending her wedding I’m wearing my school uniform (hahahahaha) . As we go upstairs to her room I have this feeling called SAD and HAPPY. Sad because she is still young for getting married at the age of 17yrs old (she’s a Muslim as well as her husband) , and same with her partner his 18yrs of age i think. But seeing her with the guy I can see in her eyes that she’s happy and I was relief. Because I know it’s gonna be hard for both of them but the important there is their were happy and they wanted that.

Congratulation for both of them 🙂 ♥ for you Diane and to your love as what I’ve said lately “Good luck and have fun “.. We are happy for you :))