Firefox Fun Art

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credit to Oliver Gerado


credit to Oliver Gerado


credit to Oliver Gerado


credit to Oliver Gerado


credit to Oliver Gerado


From the left Mr. Oliver Gerado, Mr. Chester Chan and Miss. Fermelita Bago


We got a   from our Zamboanga Community 


Mozilla booth at STI

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Mozilla booth at STI

its oliver and chester my to companion also a Mozilla student repz

Alone that word is familiar isn’t it. We feel and it kills as slowly day by day. Its hard to live each day when your drown on it. And I hate myself being alone with in fact I’m totally not. I have my sister and my brother here in the city and its not normal that were in the same roof and we don’t have time to talk (it’s kinda weird). I hate myself because I don’t have the guts to tell them how I feel and hate them in a way that they don’t care of what I feel.

I found God or God found me I really don’t know how I put this or how I say this (oh i gut it “loved”). I feel his Loved that all along he never tired on loving me, never abandon me and that’s great, I feel great having him in my life.

MOZILLA booth at STI

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MOZILLA booth at STI

we have a great day at STI having the Mozilla booth